Clubhouse app

Over the years, we have seen many social media and networking platforms enter the market, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat, and many more. Still, there has never been something like Clubhouse.

For all the newbies (or Android users), Clubhouse is a new invite-only social audio app that lets you drop-in, host, and speak in various chatrooms. It reminds me of a panel discussion at conferences, where you have a moderator and panelists carrying out a discussion on a particular topic. For some, it reminds them of conference calls and for some radio shows or podcasts. However, Clubhouse is much more than that as it’s entertaining, informative, and addictive! Currently, it is IOS only, but according to the founders, they are working hard on the Android app.

Last weekend, I was able to talk directly to some of the star entrepreneurs, such as Gary Vaynerchuck, from the comfort of my home several thousand miles away. In the world without the clubhouse app, I would have to be in a conference (to which I would have flown to, booked a conference ticket, hotel room), sitting in the audience, waiting to be picked to ask a question. Now I can do it for free from my home in my pajamas simply by raising my ‘virtual’ hand on Clubhouse.

What makes it entertaining is that it is LIVE, and you listen to unfiltered conversations, where if you are picked, you can ask questions to star personalities.

Here are a few things why clubhouse will stand apart as a social media compared to many others in the market:

1. #NoFilter:

Clubhouse is the app that is genuinely a ‘No Filter’ social media. In the case of Snapchat or Instagram, one could add filters or edit photos to make them look better, and on Facebook or Twitter, you could edit or delete your text posts. Thus, the genuineness in the platform is unparallel, resulting in people being addicted to it. Lately, there has been a negative trend on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook on the superficial influencer accounts that portray a perfect life. But in Clubhouse, the conversations are raw and unfiltered. Made a grammatical mistake? Apologize and keep talking!

2. Insane Adoption:

The level of adoption is unheard of in the social media space. From 600,000 users in December to 8 million users in a matter of weeks is definitely amazing. The high adoption rate has also led them to be valued at $1 Billion and have attained a unicorn status. Personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and many more joining Clubhouse and participating has helped in this throttling adoption rate.

Clubhouse Chats



3. Access to Knowledge & People:

The access to successful and resourceful people in Clubhouse is unparalleled. Even if you don’t get the chance to ask your question, you still get to learn from these brilliant personalities through conversations they have. Sometimes they even help you out! I have seen this firsthand, on Clubhouse where people in business and successful entrepreneurs lend their expertise and sometimes even their teams to help smaller entrepreneurs with problems and shortcomings. There was a google listing expert helping someone create a successful location listing for their hairdressing salon. Another time I saw an Instagram employee help an influencer who had his account blocked.

These three reasons should be enough for you to join Clubhouse. And if you already have joined Clubhouse, drop a few comments on why you think it is amazing!

Oh, did I tell you it’s invite-only? Drop me a message, and if I have a spare invite, you got it!